Let's talk

Welcome to the community – I am very excited to have you here!

You are probably here because you…

  • Try to supress the issue of your own family planning but it somehow always comes back around.

  • Ask yourself, like me, whether you want to start a family in the first place.

  • Are insecure about the right timing since it takes forever until you will start to really work.

  • Don’t know how to manage career and family at the same time.

  • Are afraid you will have put in all this work into your education for nothing if you get pregnant now.

  • … you name it!


The good news is: Wherever you are on your journey, someone has probably been there!

My vision is to provide a safe space where we can interact, support each other and have these conversations that we are only having in the back of our heads so far.


To get there, however, I need your help.


I prepared an anonymous survey to understand the showstoppers of each one of us better - some are rational and some very emotional - It is crucial to adress them both.